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🌈 Sympathy Gift | Memorial Gifts | Personalized Memory Painting | Memorable Gifts for Someone who passed Away - FromPicToArt
  • Beautiful, Unique Portraits, Custom-Made Only For You
  • 100% High-Quality Canvases and Wood Frames!
  • Solid 1.25" Canvas Frame Bar in Gallery-Quality
  • Fading Resistance Lifetime Guarantee On All Canvases
  • Made and Shipped from the USA
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Product Description

Elevate the Art of Remembrance with Our Sympathy Gift: Personalized Memory Painting for Cherished Memorial Tributes

In times of profound loss, finding solace and connection can be a challenging journey. Our Sympathy Gift is designed to provide a heartfelt memorial tribute, offering comfort and a lasting reminder of the love and memories shared with someone who has passed away. With our Personalized Memory Painting, you can honor their life in a uniquely artistic and meaningful way.

🌹 A Brushstroke of Emotion: Capturing the essence of your loved one's spirit, our Personalized Memory Painting is a masterpiece of emotion. Our skilled artists meticulously translate cherished memories into strokes of color and detail, ensuring that every brushstroke encapsulates the moments that made their life so special.

🎨 Artistry with Purpose: Our Sympathy Gift transcends traditional memorials. Instead of mere objects, we offer an exquisite piece of art that preserves the beautiful memories of your loved one. This personalized painting serves as a constant reminder of the joy, love, and laughter shared, turning moments into timeless art.

📸 Your Moments, Your Way: Our process is as unique as the memories we aim to honor. You provide us with your most cherished photographs and stories, allowing our artists to infuse every stroke with the essence of your loved one's character. Whether it's a candid smile, a beloved pet, or a serene landscape, our paintings capture the heart and soul of each moment.

🖌️ Artistic Excellence: We take pride in the unparalleled skill and passion of our artists. Each painting is a testament to their dedication to preserving memories through art. The attention to detail, the depth of emotion, and the artistic precision combine to create a truly remarkable tribute that embodies the spirit of your loved one.

🌟 Guiding Light of Comfort: Our Sympathy Gift provides more than a visual masterpiece—it also offers a comforting presence. Hang the Personalized Memory Painting in a special place where fond memories converge. As light dances across the canvas, it becomes a source of solace, igniting the warmth of love that never fades.

🕊️ A Gift Beyond Time: Memorial gifts often reflect the enduring impact of those who have passed. Our Personalized Memory Painting is a timeless gift that resonates through generations, ensuring that the stories and love of your loved one are forever enshrined in a stunning work of art.

Embrace the transformative power of art as you navigate the path of remembrance. Our Sympathy Gift stands as a beacon of hope and healing, capturing the essence of your cherished memories in a breathtaking personalized painting. Illuminate the memory of your loved one and provide comfort that transcends time with a gift that truly commemorates a life well-lived.

Our Custom Painted Sympathy Gift is the Most Emotional Gift You'll Ever Give. 

Our Individualized Pieces of art are produced by our group of talented virtual hand painters who understand how to seize the appeal and also personality within a picture to produce a tailored artwork you will love.

Custom Painted Sympathy Gift on Stretched Canvases

Our stunning stretched Gallery style canvases are handcrafted with strong, hardwood frames and also printed to the best. The Canvases are made from the longest-lasting products to guarantee you and also your loved ones will appreciate your valuable memories for numerous decades.

We print all our Canvases using UV-resistant water-based latex inks, which are solvent-free and odorless. Our artworks are secure for your entire household-- from little ones to adults and also animals! Our different colors are designed with your family's safety and the ecosystem in mind.

Custom Painted Sympathy Gift on Framed Canvases

Along with your Stretched Canvas, you can also choose our outer Canvas Frame to improve your stretched Canvas. The folded edges of your stretched canvas will constantly stay noticeable within our fancy frames, creating a modern-day appearance that's popular in contemporary galleries.

Custom Painted Sympathy Gift  with Gallery Photo Frame 

With Passepartout/Mat for that Genuine Art Gallery Look.

Card-stock with a beautiful oblique cut. The frame features our hand-polished Plexiglas cover. Frame make-up based on real art gallery exhibits. Our team makes use of cutting-edge printing modern technology for true-to-life recreation.

If you still have any questions regarding our products or how to order, don't hesitate and use our chat or send us a message (we are just 1 click away:)

We will reply within around 1-2 hours (9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday to Friday) 

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We Love to Turn Photos into Fabulous and Distinct Works of Art!

We transform your photo into a beautiful individual painting. Our artists use our unique digital hand painting style to turn your photo into a gorgeous work of art with your family, pet, etc. that will become the center of attention in your home.

How Does It Work?

Please select the size and material of your choice, and upload your photo(s) along with any specific instructions for our artists.

Add your order to the cart and proceed to enter your shipping information and complete the payment process.

Our artists start creating a beautiful digital painting, and if requested, they will provide a preview. After that, we will send your order to production and shipping.

After a few days of your order being shipped, you can relish in your new painting, or if it's intended as a gift for someone, you can delight in the joy reflected in their eyes.

High-Quality Stretched Canvas

  • Our stretched canvases are handcrafted with tough, 1.5" hardwood frames.

  • Our portraits are secure. We print all our canvases with custom-developed UV-resistant, water-based latex inks that are solvent-free and odorless.

  • Every print comes with a beautiful, vibrant, and fade-resistant finish on premium artist-grade canvas that features a classic texture.

  • The canvas front is designed to be sturdy and solid, preventing any sagging or stretching.

Premium Framed Canvas

  • Our high-end gallery wrap canvases feature an external floating frame that creates a quarter-inch gap between the canvas and the frame.

  • Our stylish frames are designed to showcase the folded edges of your stretched canvas, creating a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that is highly sought after in modern galleries.

  • The framed canvas comes with hanging hardware already installed, making it ready to hang right away! Additionally, the framed canvas is designed to be both durable and lightweight, making hanging a breeze.

Gallery Picture Frame

  • A conventional solid frame structure for a timeless display layout.

  • Printed on genuine high-end photo paper. With Passe-Partout/Mat for that Genuine Art Gallery Look

  • Cardstock with a lovely oblique cut. The frame comes with our hand-polished Plexiglass cover. Frame make-up based on genuine art gallery exhibits.

Shipping times for US orders.

We paint, print, package and ship out of our US location. So you will get your order very quickly. FREE standard shipping to the 48 contiguous States.

Free Standard Shipping on orders over $75: 5-10 business days

Standard Shipping on orders under $75 ($9.95): 5-10 business days

Expedited shipping ($19.95): 3 - 5 business days

Express shipping ($65): 2-3 business days

Alaska and Hawaii Shipping times

Standard shipping ($39.50): 5-10 business days

Expedited shipping ($59.45): 3 - 5 business days

Express shipping ($94.50): 2-3 business days 

 Canada Shipping times

Standard shipping ($29.95): 5-10 business days 

Expedited shipping ($49.45): 3 - 5 business days

Express shipping ($94.50): 2-3 business days 

For other countries, please ask us for our fair shipping rates.

You will receive a tracking number. Please ensure that someone age 18 or older is at home to take your order. We are not responsible for stolen or undetectable orders after your order has been delivered. If an order consists of several individual paintings, we will send the paintings in a single shipment.

IMPORTANT! Because the majority of our shipping providers do not deliver to P.O. Boxes, please include a physical address in your order. Otherwise, you run the risk that your order can't be delivered or that you will be asked by the shipping provider to pick up your order at their local facility.


Why pick Us for your Custom Artwork?

Great Service, Fast Turnaround

We offer 24/7 customer service. You get your personal artist who takes the time to create your artwork. Whenever questions arise, your artist will get in touch with you. Not only do we offer Free Shipping, but we can also deliver very quickly (2–3 business days).

Only the Best Materials

In order to guarantee impeccable quality for every portrait, we select our materials very carefully. All orders are executed exclusively on the finest gallery-quality photo paper and canvas.

Custom Gifts for Every Occasion

Giving a gift designed exclusively for the recipient is one of the most extraordinary types of gifts. Giving personalized artwork shows your high appreciation for the recipient.

Unique Wall Art For your Home

Opt for a stretched canvas, a framed canvas, or a photo frame with passe-partout in various sizes that are suitable for any room in your office or home. This unique gift comes ready to hang.

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I ordered multiple products. Will they all arrive at the same time?
Yes, in most cases, they'll all arrive in the same package.
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Of course, we'll email you the tracking link as soon as possible. Once you’ve got your tracking link, your portrait should arrive within a couple of days.
My order arrived damaged. What to do now?
Please send us an email with a photo of the damaged order as quickly as possible. We’ll send you a replacement asap.
Do you offer restoration and recoloring of old Photos?
Yes. You do not have to worry about this; we make photo restorations and recolor your old photos before painting for a little extra charge. Feel free to send us your photo; it would be our pleasure to check it for you in front.
Are your Artworks Made in the USA?
Yes, we proudly create your artwork in the USA. We produce and ship from the USA only.

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