Important!! Your Painter Needs More Info

Please read this page carefully to the end (it takes only 5 minutes) and give your painter as much information as possible to reduce your waiting time for your portrait. The more precise! information you provide to your painter the faster you will get your painting and will avoid extra costs for any repainting that could happen through miscommunication.

You can reach us here, Contact Us 

1. How do you want us to arrange your painting? Which person do you want on which spot on your portrait?
  OR, please feel free and let us know if you want to give your painter free hand to arrange your painting carefully (more than 95% of our customers go this way).  

2. Body height: Your painter doesn’t know the people, pets, etc. you want on your portrait. Therefore, if you sent us more than one photo to merge into your portrait, please mark on your photo the height of each person compared to another 
person in your photo. Please don’t send us body height sizes ( e.g. 6 feet, 3 inches), your painter needs to see 
the height marks on your photo to avoid misunderstanding.  

3. Do you want us to paint your original background from your photo or a neutral background? See the example for a neutral background here. Please have in mind, your loved ones will be more in focus when you use a neutral background. 

 4. If you want us to change the background in your painting, e.g. you want a beach background or a stairway to heaven background, etc. we charge a small fee for that. Please order your background here.

5. Important! We paint on your photos, NOT from your photos. That means the better your photos the better the outcome of your painting. If your photos are blurry, we HIGHLY recommend our photo restoration service, please order it here  

6. If you want a Halo or Wings on your painting, please let us know which person should get it. If you want to order these features please click here  

7. If you sent us photos with people missing body parts, clothing, etc., and want us to add those, please order them here.  

8. If you want us to add something else, like trees, bushes, flowers, a Church, rainbow, etc. into your painting, please order it here  

9. If you have anything else in your mind, you think would be important for your painter to know, please send us an email

Thank you for your cooperation.